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World Darts Championship 2018

Although sporting events are full of excitement, world champions are sports festivals. Each festival creates a story, these stories includes happinies sometimes full of madness.

World Darts Championship 2018 created a new champion. This champion has a great story.

Rob Cross became the new dart world champion by beating Phil Taylor at the final. The life of the 27 years old darts player is very interesting. The champion was an electrician only two years ago. Darts was only hoby for him. Anyway he tried to apply for second league but he didn’t make it.

He didn’t have big dreams on this sport, he never tought that he will get the title but he made it. He became a champion of World darts championship 2018. While the winning title, his path wasn’t clear. He played against Michael van Gerwen at semi final. He really wanted the title but he had a competitor who wants the title as much as Rob does.

He won the game 6-5 and he was only one step away from the title. It supposed to be biggest step he ever makes because he was against the “biggest” now. He was playing with Phil Taylor who has 16 world championship titles, where as Rob’s first profesional game was only one year ago at 3rd of February 2017.

People thought it was end of the way,  Phil Taylor was going to take his 17th championship, Rob Cross will confine oneself to second place. Rob didn’t get enough with silver medal, he wanted the award and he took it. Rob Cross was the last champion of World Darts Championship.

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