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An international dart tournament in Melbourne, Australia, has gone through an incredible and unexpected chaos. The chaos  was prevented by police officers and security guards. Luckily, there were no report of violence.

Two well-known dart players who are Michael Van Gerwen is in Holland and Simon Whitlock  “The Wizard” is in Australia

They met at Fınal of International Dart Challenge at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia  while the spectators hurled the plastic chairs and plastic tables at each other. The chaos in international dart tournament began around 9 p.m. when small group of people started throwing  the chairs at each other. Suddenly thousands of spectators started chucking the plastic tables and the plastic chairs.

“It was an absolute mess, drunken idiots that were getting bored and looking for a bit of excitement,” an unnamed eyewitness told Australia’s The Age newspaper.He added, “It was like a proper riot mentality. The security guards couldn’t get a handle on it, it was a real uphill battle for them.”

The 70 security guards could not overcome this chaos. Because of that , 40 police officers came and help the security guards.

After the chaos started behind two group of people, it expanded to all hall. It is emphasized that there were no serious injury and people just wanted to have fun. The reason of this chaos was being considered about drunken people. Adding there were no reports of violence.

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