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Dart is getting more common day by day as authorities say.Every year,lots of tournaments are organized and many professional dart players try to win to become the best player in the world.

BDO World Championship is the most important one.In the year 2016, the World Championship had lots of exciting matches.Final match was played in Lakeside.

In the semi-finals,there were two opposite matches when they can be compared.The semi-finals decided on who will have the chance of being a finalist.Scott Waites,who is a British player and has one championship trophy, and Jeff Smith,who is a Canadian player and has over 20 trophies,were printed their names to the final match.

As a result of this match,Scott Waites won the trophy easily with a 7-1 score.Now,he is the 38th of DBB Ranking, and Jeff Smith is the 42nd.

In the International Darts Final, which was organized in Australia in 2015,there was a serious trouble that can shock everyone.While the final match was playing between Michael Van Gerwen and Simon Whitlock,audiences suddenly threw each other an armchair. Lots of audience pissed off with an unknown reason,but some journalists said that audience were drunk and they pissed off because of the drunkness.

Another interesting thing about the higgledy-piggledy is that the higgledy-piggledy caused an entertaining environment more than an environment including injuries.

In addition,Darts is becoming more common in Turkey. In 2015,Turkish Darts Federation organized a tournament including Turkish Darts players.The tournament was interested by audiences and there will be another tournaments in appearance.

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