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The Basics of Darts

What is Darts?

Let’s talk about the basics of darts briefly. It is a game played by throwing small arrows at an engagement board with numbered apartments on top. Generally made of mantard, stiff brick or elm, the engraving mall is divided into 20 slices, from 1 to 20. The nested rings determine a different number of shot rights. There is a “full hit” area of 50 points in the middle. According to the rules set, each player has three shots in the play. Dart was an educational game for archers in the Middle Ages. In the twentieth century, the game spread to both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. It is estimated that there are about 7 million darts in England. There are up to 1 million dart players affiliated to the National Darts Union established in 1953.

Today’s Darts

Today, darts has become a kind of widespread sport which is followed in many countries of the world. Especially, in the USA, the UK, Wales and Ireland, darts sport is so popular. Millions of people are playing this game as amateur or professional and there are also  millions of followers for this game. The popularity of darts has provided a big economy for both players and teams.

Bigger organizations started to be made in different countries. When the economy develops for darts, the number of players and supporters is increasing day by day in many countries from different regions all around the world. Under today’s globalizing world conditions, the darts sport can be watched and followed by social media or by the internet from anywhere on the planet. Finally, we can say the developments of dart economy and technology provided that the darts sport can be followed and watched by millions of people everywhere on the world.

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