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The First Turkish Player Invited to World Trophy

Umit Uygunsozlu was the first Turkish dart player, who was invited to World Trophy by British Dart Organization. Having exhibited his achievements in the championships he attended, Uygunsozlu is among the best 32 athletes in the world. He will represent Turkey in World Trophy which will be held in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. 1986 Adana-born dart player Umit Uygunsozlu started dart in 2011. He has represented Turkey in many competitions both in Turkey and in the world.

Umit Uygunsozlu’s achievements are the following:

  • The third place in 2014 Turkish Open
  • 2015 BDO Malta Open – Uygunsozlu, who defeated World Champion John Boy Walton in this tournament in 2011, was the first Turkish player that won the tournament. His match was broadcast live.
  • 2015 Mediterranean Championship winner
    The third place in 2014 Turkish Open
  • The first place in 2016 Turkish Classic Winner’s
  • The third place in 2016 Turkish Master’s Open and the third place in 2016 Macar Open

Uygunsozlu with numerous first prizes in the Championship in Turkey, was first in BDO Eastern Europe in 2017. Umit, the number one dart player of Eastern Europe will represent Turkey in BDO World Trophy, thanks to this success. Umit Uygunsozlu has the title of being the first Turkish dart player to compete in the BDO World Trophy said:” I want to keep the leadership of BDO Eastern Europe with the points I will collect until the end of the year”.

Uygunsozlu mentioned that he is very happy to be the first for his country and he said: Although dart is not an Olympic sport, it has developed in Turkey . One day dart will be an Olympic sport and I will be there for my country. Being among 32 best player of the world made me happy. All sport branches have been developing in Turkey. I hope that these achievements will continue in Olympics.

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