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Darts world has faced with a bad news on 5th April. Eric Bristow, who had multiple victories in darts and his life too, died of heart attack. The cause of his heart attack has been diagnosed most probably with the tournament that he was a participant of. ‘Crafty Cockney’, which was his given-cognomen for his excellent achievements and his accent, had made Peter Wright and Daryl Gurney cry in tears. The Professional Darts Corporation announced this sadding incident immediately after it had revealed that he is no longer with us. General statement for his passing away was that there will never be another Eric Bostow. The pointing to the heaven of Peter Wright was the most devastating one.

For the ones who don’t have enough information about Eric Wright, you should know more about him. Firstly, he was the five time world champion of darts and he competed in 23 world championships. The Professional Darts Corporation stated: ”Arguably, the sport’s first superstar player, Bristow, 60, was world champion five times between 1980-1986 and also won five World’s Masters titles during an outstanding carieer.”

Secondly, Eric Bristow had influenced many younger darts audience. He mentioned about his love of darts to the new generation. Britow met with darts when he was only 11 when his father bought him a dartboard. His meeting with darts in an early age increased his love of darts. He was determined to invite the young to the play. Consequently, Eric Bostow was an incredible man in both his carieer and life.  His achievemtents in early ages would supposedly not be repeated. Rest in peace ‘Crafty Cockney’.

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