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Darts World Championship Final 2018

Rob Cross Factor

Rob Cross is one of the most important rising starts of darts world at the last years. Rob Cross became the new dart world champion by beating Phil Taylor at the finals. The rise story of the young star is extremely inspiring. The 2018 final has an amazing story for the global darts world, and the main actor is Rob Cross of course. Rob Cross, a full-time electrician, tried to join the world championship of BDO, considered to be the second league of the darts in 2016, but the elements did not pass.

Already, there was no big dream about playing darts in professional level. The main purpose of him was that he could look after his wife and three children. No matter how talented he may be about darts, he could not even see them in the last year.


He decided to try his luck once in the PDC’s terms, played his first professional game on February 3, 2017. What amazed him the most was that he was able to stay calm in the professional struggles where the oppression was rising. Because he won the two-year PDC tour card first in the season and then started to show up in major tournaments. At the age of 27, Rob Cross had his first professional season so well that he qualified for the PDC World Championship, which he followed on television a year ago, as a 20th seed.

Cross, who had chosen ‘Voltage’ as his nickname because of his electrician background, had different plans. In the final four rounds of darts, Michael Van Gerwen defeated World No. 1 and the final champion. He then played Phil Taylor, the biggest of all time, explaining that he would retire at the end of the season, and a tremendous final for the final world championship.

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