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Darts Legend – Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor, is one of the most important darts player and is 58 years old today. Let’s continue with the history of a real darts legend : Phil Taylor. “I won this cup for my grandkids,” he said, is probably one of the most interesting cues we can hear from a sportsman. When we hear this from Phil Taylor, 56, the color changes slightly.

It’s such a habit to win for the nickname ‘The Power’ of 16 world championships in his career, even if he left his 50s behind him did not change much. He won 16 World Championship, 11 World Grand Prix and 6 Grand Slam. These results make him unbeatable in the global darts world. Today, we can say, it’s popularity spreaded in different countries and different regions of the planet. So, he has many followers and supporters from many countries all over the world.

“The Power”

Of course, even for Taylor, things have not been very nice in recent times. Over the years, Eric Bristow, Dennis Priestley, John Part, Kevin Painter and Raymond van Barneveld have faced the most important competitions, but he all have easily overpowered them. It was also one of the most important reasons for the dominance of the dart world. Many opponents were losing Taylor to their heads before they even made a shot. At the beginning of 2010 Michael van Gerwen appeared.

At the beginning of those who appreciated the skill of the ambitious Dutchman was Taylor himself. Even the man who turned the world of darts into a personal playground since the 90s has been openly confident that he has never met a talent like him before. Already Taylor could not win any major tournaments after 2014, almost every major trophy rose in the hands of his young rival.

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