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2015 World Darts Championship

2015 World Darts Championship was organized in Antalya

400 athletes from 36 countries participated in the World Darts Championship which held in Turkey for the first time. On the final day of the championship, final competitions were held in these categories: young girls, young boys, single women, women team and men team. The Netherlands has won all categories of young people, while England became the champion in all categories of men and women.

TBBDF Vice-President Mutlu Turkmen said that athletes from 36 countries have completed the championships and there were many contentious competitions. The success of Northern European countries drew attention. The Netherlands and the UK, which have invested in young people, have achieved considerable success. Turkmen said that there were also countries that won medals for the first time in the championship and said:

“South Africa, Austria, Russia and Iran won medals for the first time, especially in the young category. Turkey had achieved success in the European championships before, but couldn’t succeed in this championship. Unfortunately, our athletes who won challenging matches in the young category lost against easy opponents. We have not won medals as Turkish national team. Among our opponents, there are countries that consider darts as national sport. We aim to catch our accomplishments in the young category, also in the adult category”.

2015 Darts Rankings

In all categories of young, the Netherlands was the first with 216 points.

Women categories: UK was the first with 188 points.

Men categories: England was the first with 100 points.

Young Girls

1. South Africa- Tayla Carolissem
2. Germany- Cristina Schuler
3. Iran – Deniz Hashtbaran
4. Russia – Veronica Koroleva

Young Boys

1. Netherlands – Maikel Verberk
2. Australia – Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
3. Sweden – Hampus Norrström
4. England (UK) – Chris Gower

Single Women

1. England (UK)- Lisa Ashton
2. England (UK)- Deta Hedman
3. Northern Ireland – Grace Crane
4. Galler – Julie Gore

Single Men

1. Galler- Jim Williams
2. Scotland-Rosse Montgomery
3. Lithuania- Darius Labanauskas

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